Modernizing Bakerzin’s HR processes

Bakerzin“I was apprehensive about outsourcing Bakerzin’s HR functions, as I’ve previously thought HR should be integral to a company.  However, when our workforce expanded and with our employees spread out amongst our head office and nine different outlets around Singapore, we realised that we needed to proactively modernise our HR systems to support Bakerzin’s rapid business growth.” said Subakti Wangsanegara, Chief Operating Officer, Bakerzin.

Bakerzin’s main bottleneck arose from over-reliance on our manual HR processes. Each time we want to replace our outdated HR system and automate our processes, the daunting upfront investment cost of close to S$100,000 sets us back. This remained so until we were introduced to Virtual HR, who showed us how we can achieve this without committing such a huge capital investment. Virtual HR came in, did a quick diagnosis of our existing HR system, processes and resourcees. It was a huge leap of faith – we decided to let Virtual HR take over the running of our HR function for a year jointly with our heads of business and operations.

Within three months, we rolled out our Employee Self Service system. It changed the way we work. For example, previously, when staff wanted to apply for leave, they needed to fill out a hard copy form, which was then circulated to the approving managers and HR.  The approval process could take up to a week. Virtual HR’s e-leave system allowed employees to apply for leave and managers to approve leave with just the click of a button, enabling the same job to be completed within a day.  Employees are empowered to manage their own administrative matters and supervisors can view their employees’ information on demand.

TESTIMONY Subakti W, COO, Bakerzin (Year 2012)
"The best advantage of working with Virtual HR is that the team takes an interest in our business, our people and our owners, and offers solutions that move in tandem with our needs.  We are not tied to a rigid service contract. It reflects the powerful partnership and trust between Bakerzin and Virtual HR."


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