Stay in the Boardroom and Out of the Courtroom

Social media is set to occupy the workplace as much as how emails and mobile phones have conquered our lives.  Employers will be compelled to embrace social media and adopt enhanced employment practices to manage its effect in the modern work place.

This seminar guides you through the gauntlet of social media risks from preventive to constructive measures during employment, to discipline and pursuit of compensation if employees compromise your business or take away confidential information using modern technological means when leaving your employment. Legal experts from Rajah & Tann LLP and HR experts from Virtual HR will jointly examine how the social media age is changing the way we manage employees, how employment contracts and policies governing use of IT resources are now being re-written and the challenges in translating legal principles into real HR practices. PR experts from Ogilvy PR shares how you can leverage social media as a powerful commercial tool and turn bad PR to good in a crisis. 





Lionel Tan

Equity Partner, Intellectual Property Practice,
Rajah and Tann

Lionel started out his career in law as a Deputy Public Prosecutor and concurrently held the appointment of Assistant Director of the Computer Information & Systems Department of the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Since joining private practice he has been involved in various high profile commercial and criminal litigation cases and has advised clients on a wide spectrum of commercial and criminal matters.


Aileen Ng

Founder & MD, Virtual HR

Aileen is both the Founder and Managing Director of Virtual HR. She has over 20 years of HR management and industry development experience, working previously in organisations including the FJ Benjamin Group, Hewlett-Packard Singapore and Luxasia. Aileen’s experience and insight have allowed her to develop and operationalise the company’s effective HR management and payroll systems.


Harish Kumar

Equity Partner, Commercial Litigation Practice,
Rajah and Tann

Harish Kumar has been in legal practice for over 2 decades and he is one of the most senior litigators in the Commercial Litigation department of the firm. He joined the firm in 2008 and brings with him a wealth of experience in complex commercial litigation.


Andrew Thomas

President of Ogilvy PR, Southeast Asia,

A 20-year veteran of the international and regional publishing industry and counsellor to many of Asia's top businessmen, Andrew has vast working experience in Asia and a valuable global network. He is a prolific public speaker and frequent guest speaker at international conferences, and is actively involved in Singapore's business and social circuit.