Calculators and Other Tools

In this section you will find web references to perform simple payroll and HR related tasks like calculating CPF contribution, CPF wage ceiling, tax rates for residents and non-residents etc

1. CPF

CPF Contribution Calculator (for Singapore Citizens) - CPF Board

CPF Additional Wage Ceiling Calculator (For Singapore Citizen / Third Year PR)
- CPF Board

CPF Reimbursement Calculator for Government Paid Childcare Leave - CPF Board

CPF Reimbursement Calculator for Government Paid Maternity Leave - CPF Board

2. Tax

IRAS’ list of free Tax Calculators including income tax calculators for tax resident and non-tax resident individuals as well as basic corporate tax calculators - IRAS

Key Tax Dates by Tax Type - IRAS

Annual average rates of exchange for tax assessment purposes where the actual rates of conversion are not furnished – IRAS

3. Employment Laws

Employment Pass / S-Pass Self-Assessment Tool for indication of probable eligibility – Ministry of Manpower

Work permit quota calculator to check your business’ S Pass and Work Permit quota entitlement – Ministry of Manpower

Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Self-assessment Tool, provides an indicative amount of compensation payable under the WICA – Ministry of Manpower


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